Outings: 12 h/ 16h / 18 h

People: 80-90 people
Duration: 90 min


  • Cadaqués
  • Cap de Creus (Lighthouse)
  • Island of Encalladora (Marine Protected Reserve)
  • Portlligat (House-Museum Salvador Dalí)
  • Cadaqués

We propose to discover the point where the sun first rises from the Costa Brava (the eastern point of Spain), so let's drop ropes and leave out the bay of Cadaques heading the Lighthouse of Cap de Creus. During the first part of the navigation you will discover islands and islets with imaginary and unique morphologies such as Messina , and the islands Massa Oros and Encalladora (Marine Reserve Park) which were the scenario of the surrealist performances created by the artist Salvador Dalí. At this point we can see during migration many different species of seabirds and dolphins. The tour sails to Mar d'Avall geting into Hell's cave, Fredosa creek, Jugadora creek and where we can very well photographed the lighthouse Cap de Creus and see the old pier Lamp 's currently in very poor conditions due to neglect and storms. Navigation will continue visiting the most beauty and hidden creeks as Cala Bona, Ses Ielles, Guillola  and reach the sheltered bay of PortLligat , Cadaqués fishermen refuge where you can see and shoot  The House-Museum Salvador Dali. From here the ship will guide you into the bay of Cadaques, along the Island S'Arenella and enjoy the probably most famous views and postcards of the Costa Brava .